Benjamin, also known as Ventus and Guardian of the Guard, is one of the first members of the Elementals. The Elemental name he chose was Ventus, which is Latin for wind. He is a rookie when it comes to gaming, with few exceptions. Ben's interest in the Latin language lead him to learning the words of english elements. After discussing names for the gaming group with Terra and Pyro, he recommended the Elementals, which Terra and Pyro happily accepted. He has an important role among the Elementals as Artistic/Creative Productions Manager. He took on the task of designing Elemental logos for all current members.

Ventus is no longer a part of The Elementals

Introduction to Gaming:

Ben was born is Australia and has lived there all his life. Growing up, he and his brothers played many games. The first console he and his brothers obtained was the SEGA console, on which they played Sonic for the first time. The next console he obtained was the Nintendo 64 on which they played Mario Kart and Pokemon Collliseum and various other games. Being partly immersed in gaming, they moved onto yet another console, the Nintendo Gamecube. The Gamecube was the console which had the most time spent on it, with games such as Sonic Adventure Battle: 2 and Smash. Bros. After a while, they traded their Gamecube for a PS2, which was revolutionary for its day and age. Ben's older brothers lost interest in gaming as they were in high school and didn't have time. Ben lost interest in games such as Smash Bros. and moved onto racing games such as the Need For Speed series, He was able to complete most of the Need For Speed games such as Underground 2, Carbon, Most Wanted and Undercover. It wasn't until early 2011 that he was introduced to Minecraft.


  • "Look at these chumps!!!"
  • "PWNED!!!"
  • "OWNED!!!"
  • "THAT SON OF A GUN!!!"


  • Ben plays guitar, although having a guitar in his room for over six years, he only played for one year and then stopped, due to his lack of talent. Four years later, after watching his brothers become abnormally talented in guitar, he decided to pick up the guitar again, and realized that it was much easier than he remembered. 
  • He is left handed.
  • Hates tomato sauce.
  • Lives in Australia.
  • His least favourite Disney animated film is "The Lion King."
  • Favourite band is Last Dinosaurs.
  • Hates skrillex and dubstep.
  • He has been known to have contributed the most to the wiki.
  • Is subscribed to all members of the Yogscast.
  • Has searched in many different stores in his city, in hopes of trying Jaffa Cakes.
  • Designs thumbnails and logos.
  • Designed wallpapers and wordmarks for the wiki.