Simon Lane (Left) and Lewis Brindley (Right)

The Yogscast are an overwhelmingly popular group of Youtube channels on Youtube, amassing over 5 million subscribers on the main channel alone and being the most subscribed gaming channel in the UK. They post videos of themselves playing video games (mainly Minecraft) and have hilarious commentary throughout. The two main members are Lewis (Xephos) and Simon (Honeydew), who post on the main channel (YOGSCAST Lewis and Simon, formerly BlueXephos) and have gained numerous Yognau(gh)ts, or fans.

Besides Simon and Lewis, many of their friends also have channels, which also have much success. Some of their friends include Hannah, Duncan, Sips, Sjin, Martyn, Nilesy, Rythian, Zoey, Strippin, Panda, and Kim. For some of them, producing gaming videos on Youtube was just something they did in their spare time, but for some it's a full time job.




Duncan and Sips

Relevance to this wiki:

The members of the Elementals are Yognau(gh)ts, which is the name the Yogscast gave to their fans. They hope to one day have their gaming empire large enough to at least gain the notice of the Yogscast. The members of the wiki who don't already have Youtube accounts plan on getting ones to match what the Yogscast do (many Yogscast channels are YogscastName and a few of the members of the Elementals will go by ElementalsName). This is where you will most likely find them if we aren't on this wiki.

Yogscast Avatars

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Yogscast Simon And Lewis