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The Elementals are a gaming group on Youtube which mainly consist of four people: TerraHydroPyro and Ventus who are often joined by their friends. First recruits include Tonitrus, Aduro, Umbra and Elysian. Second recruits include SalvusAstro and Tempus. Their mutual appreciation of The Yogscast is what brought them together. They hope that one day, they will be able to gain the notice of the Yogscast and is a goal that they aim to achieve. The games played by the Elementals vary between each individual, however one game that they all play is Minecraft.

Their channels can be found here:

Elementals Terra - Tube23287

Elementals Ventus - ElementalsVentus

Elementals Tonitrus - ElementalsTonitrus

Elementals Aduro - Elementals Aduro

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