The Elementals are a group of devoted Yognau(gh)ts who decided to form a club. They were originally a part of a club called the Little Yogscast. However, the leader, ComicsRus, refused to let Gamerboy555 in, and did so very insultingly. The four who stood up for Gamerboy555 Luna Laufeyson, Guardian of the Garde, thepenguin9, and Kalse1229) decided to form their own group. And thus, the Elementals were born. Their ranks have grown by six (LightningD, Starfire223, Gamerboy555, Imac1999, SpartanDory, and Redharlow 95) and will continue to grow. 


Pyro  - Fire - Luna Laufeyson (AKA Luna, Rachel, Zoey)

Terra - Earth - Kalse1229 (AKA Kalse, Jack, Tube23287)

Hydro - Water - Thepenguin9 Terminated

Ventus - Air - Guardian of the Garde Terminated

Primary Recruits:

Tonitrus - Thunder - LightningD Terminated

Elysian - Plant - Starfire223 (AKA Star)

Umbra - Darkness - Gamerboy555Terminated

Aduro - Light - Imac1999 (AKA Imac, Iain)

Secondary Recruits:

Tempus - Time - SpartanDory (AKA Spartan, Dory)

Astro - Space - LuxMagnus Terminated

Salvus - Sound - Redharlow 95 Terminated

Semper Fi - Faith - Supertoastfairy Terminated