Tempus' Elemental logo designed by Ventus

Tempus is the ninth member of the Elementals, and the first member of the Secondary Recruits. Tempus is the Latin word for time. He is also known as SpartanDory and is Aduro's annoying younger brother. Despite The Elementals having a rule which required the minimum age of a member to be thirteen, they decided to allow for an exception, after a long discussion. Tempus is the youngest member of the Elementals. At times, he can be mature, but at other times, he takes absolutely nothing seriously.

Introduction to gaming:

the first game i ever played was sims 2 at a firends house when i was vary young and i would always make really wierd houses without any doors this was the first game i ever played on a pc then a long time later after becoming a good gamer on consols my brother found out about minecraft and the rest is boring


  • "SPAARTAN AWA... Oh sorry Star I forgot you were here."