Semper Fi, also known as Supertoastfairy,

The image of USMC, which uses Semper Fi as their slogan

is the twelfth member of The Elementals and an avid Minecrafter. He chose the name Semper Fi, which is Latin for "Always Faithful" and is the U.S Marine Corps. motto. He started out on the Grimm Wiki and the Yogscast Wiki. His job on the Elementals is the same as Salvus', to protect and serve the wiki, as well as hunting down trollers and wiki moderation.

Semper Fi is no longer a part of The Elementals

Intro to Gaming

At age 6, he played old games on SEGA such as Sonic and Pac-Man. His parents did not believe in video games and still don't, though they let him decide what he wants to do for entertainment. He played various games on the Nintendo DS and, in 2009, created a Minecraft account. He created this account about 2 weeks after it's initial public release, which was in May of 2009. Semper Fi has also been playing other games like TF2, Portal and Portal 2 and Spiral Knights. His main gaming focus is Minecraft.


  • "I'll slap you with this sword so hard, your face is gonna concave into the words Bow to STF"
  • "Little boy, wanna play some Minecraft little boy? Little boy? *whispers* little boy......." (whilst trying to coax people into playing Minecraft)
  • "I'll slice the heebie jeebies outta you, you son of a- Okay, I'm one with the tree now" (Beta, when trees could be planted on players.)
  • "AYYYYYY MI PIERNA!!!!!!!"
  • "What do you plan on doing, using giant kitty pupils to sway me into patting you? Dang it, it's working."
  • "STUPID COWS!!!!!!"
  • "VACAS ESTÚPIDO!!!!!!" (STUPID COWS in Spanish)
  • "You're incapacitated again. Stop it."
  • "Look Toby, I'm not some fluffy little piece of lint you can bite and play around wi- Okay, do exactly what I said not to do."
  • "Let me escort you out!" (throws guys out)


  • Speaks both English and Spanish fluently.
  • Has had a Minecraft account since June 2009, so for about 2 and a half years.
  • He is very patriotic.
  • Aims to join the U.S Navy
  • He has been watching crime shows since age 5
  • Lives in Miami, FL.
  • He makes Minecraft skins:
  • His cousin has DID, or Dissociative Identity Disorder, otherwise known as multiple personality disorder.
  • His skin is an African-American version of Honeydew, with black hair.
  • He plays the trumpet.
  • He is a boxer and has a 3rd degree black belt.
  • Has a case of ADD and PROUD OF IT.
  • His aunt and uncle both died helping others during the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the twin towers.
  • He has not released any physical picture of himself. Nobody knows what he looks like. Nobody will.