There are a lot of recurring jokes or misunderstandings or unfortunate events that occur in the Elementals' chat. A few of them are listed below:

  • Luna Laufeyson has typos in the chat because she types from her Kindle, and it spazzes out on her.
  • Kalse1229 mentions (and complains about) how he can't get multiplayer Minecraft on his PC.
  • Someone randomly going CAPSSSSSSS. Mostly Gamerboy when LightningD loses his internet connection (see below).
  • Gamerboy excessively using "Lol".
  • LightningD keeps losing his internet connection only to have it back within about a minute.
  • Imac and Gamerboy's war with the penguins.
  • Gamerboy overly using ellipses marks (...)
  • Luna speaking in Finnish and Irish.
  • Luna greeting iMac in Irish, then iMac responding in French.
  • Star saying something random and the rest get confused.
  • Star talking as a RP is going on (AKA, Fire:, Star:)