Milestones are minor and major achievements which have been completed, and also set as future goals by the Elementals. They have set many achievements which they hope to complete together.

Completed Milestones:


  • The formation of The Elementals, which took place for most on the 1st of January, 2013. However, since the group is located in various locations around the world it may have also been on the 31st of December. The first members consisted of four people: Terra, Pyro, Ventus, and Aqua. (Who later renamed to Hydro)
  • The creation of the wiki, which was a task carried out by Pyro.
  • The addition of the first recruits, TonitrusElysianUmbra, and Aduro.
  • The completion of logos for all current members by Ventus which was completed on the 6th of January. 


  • Twenty pages on the wiki.
  • An official wordmark was created for the wiki instead of a font. (In the top left hand corner)

Future Milestones:


  • First official Elementals video is uploaded to YouTube.
  • Have all channels up and running.
  • 100 views on the first video.
  • 100 subs on all channels.


  • All the Elementals getting a good computer.
  • Obtaining the very very first subscriber on any Elementals channel.
  • Get 15 "Thumbs Up"s on any elementals video.


Despite having many goals,  that will be completed over time, the milestone that is of utmost value to all Elementals, is to one day gain the notice of The Yogscast.