Aduro's Elemental logo designed by Ventus.

Aduro, also known as Imac1999, is the last member of the First Recruits. Aduro is the one of two members located in Toronto, Canada. He is also Tempus' older brother. The Elemental name he was assigned was Aduro, the Latin word for Light. As of late, the elementals assignments have switched, and Aduro has now become Ignus , aka fire.

Introduction to gaming:

Aduro's first game he ever played was when he was 6 years old, and he played Grand Theft Auto Liberty City on his friend's PSP. At the time he really enjoyed the game and wanted to get it for himself. Then he played Wii Sports on his friend's brand new Nintendo Wii. Again, he wanted a game to get for himself. However, Aduro only got his first console, two years after his first gaming experience. When he was 8 years old, Aduro got a PSP for Christmas, and his first game for it was bomberman. After that, within 5 years, Aduro got: 2 Ps2's, 2 Ps3's, 2 Xbox's and to this day he still has his original PSP, which has recently broken. May it rest in pieces. But Aduro's big introduction to pc gaming was when his friend was talking to him about Ghasts, skeletons, zombies and creepers. His friend told him to try out Minecraft, and at first he was very confused, after this weird green thing blew him up. Then he went on YouTube and found PaulSoaresjr, who helped him learn to play, after that, he discovered he loved the game, and was fascinated by the survival aspect of the game.


  • "I hate typing on my IPad"
  • DAMN IPAD -when it glitches in chat
  • "ingiesslunar"
  • "Bye Luna" (Three seconds later) "Hi Luna!"
  • "Who needs sleep when you have the Internet!"


  • Is left handed. (We're rare you know, 15% of the world)
  • Is gifted in math and science
  • He can just about speak fluent French.
  • Forget that, he can barely speak french anymore
  • He can recite the first 17 digits of pi.
  • Before moving to Toronto, Aduro lived in Yellowknife, a city far north in Canada, and Namibia, a country just north of South Africa.
  • His younger brother is Tempus.
  • Was once the substitute teacher for his grade 8 class.
  • He actually likes math class.